I have a PII 400 aopen system with 128meg memory, 10 gig wd hd, 8 meg eontronic video card. When I boot my system in the morning I get two black boot screens, One windows logo screen, a 3rd black boot screen, the fourth screen is a blank black screen when no messages and then my system hangs with no error message. I have to ctrl, alt, del to restart my computer and it restarts in safe mode. I restart system and it reboots in normal mode with no problems. If I turn off my computer for 15 minutes the problem comes back. But If I restart or turn my computer off for less then 15 minutes I have no problems with my system hanging at startup. This problem seems to have started after I replaced a bad hard drive. After tryiny many possible fixes I realized the problem only happens when I turn on my computer after it has been off for 15 minutes or more. Most of the time when I cold start my computer using f8 and do a step by step startup my computer starts okay. I used to get a blue screen when my system hung but I Installed windows98 on top of itself and now I get a black screen when it hangs. Could there be a problem with the new 10 gig wd hd? I ran the diag test from western digital and no problems messages appeared.
I have disabled power management.
I have checked device manager for any problems
I have reloaded video device drivers.
I think the problem is occurring when windows starts but I am not receiving any error messages. I have removed all programs at startup. I narrowed down problem using Q273738 from microsoft data base. When I remove display.drv=pnpdrvr.dvr from the boot section of the system.ini file, system will boot without hanging. But the display is 16 colors. It looks like problem is with the display driver. Updated display drivers, from EONTronics, but that did not fix problem. downloaded Q127139 from microsoft for video problems in windows. My video card is a EONTronics 8 meg Van Gogh. I now have installed a second hard drive and did a clean load of windows ME on it, but problem occurs on that drive and software also. thansk for any help roger