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    variable recordsource for subform? (Access XP and others)

    The conventional wisdom for maximizing the performance of forms is to bind the form to a recordset that returns as few records as possible instead of a recordsource that returns all the records, by using some dynamic querying. OK - I understand that logic. However, does the same logic prevail for a subform that is related to the current record of the main form, or is Access smart enough to automatically limit the records in the subform. Phrased another way, is there any performance benefit to dynamically modifying the recordsource of a subform according to the value of the currently-selected record in the parent form?

    (I was just modifying the recordsource for a parent form, and wondered whether I should apply the same logic to the subform.)
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    Re: variable recordsource for subform? (Access XP and others)

    The way to do that is through the master/child link fields, which automatically filter the records in the subform to match the related records on the parent form. Using that technique, it isn't necessary to do anything to the subform recordsource because as you change the parent, the subform is filtered automatically.

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