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    Change Context Menu (Office 2002+)

    I help put together presentation notes for my church. The pastor sends the notes out via e-mail in Word format, and it's my task to transfer the text to a PowerPoint presentation in a very specific format. Obviously, the easiest way to do this is to copy the text from Word to the clipboard, then paste it into PowerPoint. However, this carries over the Word format (Times Roman, 12 pts, black). At this point, I need to reformat to PowerPoint (Arial Narrow, 54 pts, white). It's easier to Paste Special, Unformatted Text. However, this quickly gets tedious. My question, then: is there a way I can customize the context menu in Office so I can simply right click to paste special, rather than Edit, Paste Special..., Unformatted Text?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Change Context Menu (Office 2002+)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by jscher2000 on 09-Apr-05 10:35. )</P>How about a 2-part answer? But first, a confession: I've never figured out how to create a global macro in PowerPoint, so I always add the ones I need to the active presentation. Someone else probably will have a solution (such as a magical PPA file extension), but I've never tried or tested those, so those can be ideas for the future. When finalizing your presentation, it is important to create a "clean" copy that contains no VBA content, otherwise you may trigger macro virus warning dialogs and cause concern among users of your PPT file.
    1. <LI>Macro to Edit > Paste Special >Unformatted to the current text range (assumption: you know how to get this into the right place):

      Sub PasteSpecialUnformatted()
      ActiveWindow.Selection.TextRange.PasteSpecial ppPasteText
      End Sub

      <LI>To add this to the right-click menu in a predefined placeholder (such as the slide title and slide bullets defined in most slide masters):

      <UL><LI>Open the Customize dialog (Tools>Customize..., or right-click in the blank area to the right of your toolbars and choose it from the bottom of the context menu);

      <LI>Click the Toolbars tab, check the Shortcut Menus box, drop down the Draw sub-menu, and click the Shapes fly-out;

      <LI>Reposition the Customize dialog so that you can click the Commands tab, then select Macros, then drag PasteSpecialUnformatted to the shortcut menu, presumably just below Paste;

      <LI>To rename the item or display an icon, right-click PasteSpecialFormatted and use the options available;

      <LI>Click the close button on the Customize dialog and test it out!
    [/list]Hope this helps! (Also, we might want to move this to the PowerPoint board, but someone else can make that call.)

    Added: I should mention that you can drag the command to invoke the Paste Special dialog to the shortcut menu without having to use a macro, but it doesn't end up saving you any steps. You need the macro to pre-select Unformatted.

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    Re: Change Context Menu (Office 2002+)

    In addition to Jefferson's reply: to make code available throughout PowerPoint, create an add-in. See Create an ADD-IN with TOOLBARS that run macros -- The PowerPoint FAQ.

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