If I may, I'd like to re-pose the question asked in <!post=Warriorlord's post from 2001, 45675>Warriorlord's post from 2001<!/post> to see if anything is new in recent versions of Word.

Like many people, I would like the figures in my document to have fully automated captions (ie, detectable in the cross-reference and TOC dialogs) and to place themselves on the page in such a way as to appear after the first cross-reference and, if there's no room at the bottom of the same page, then at the top of the next page. Text would wrap around.

So far I have been using the solution proposed by <!post=ksalazar in 2003, 311306>ksalazar in 2003<!/post>. The problem is that if I later add a paragraph or two earlier on the page, I can't rely on the frame not to intrude on the part of the page where the footer is, or be bounced to the bottom of the next page, instead of the top.

If a more robust solution is available in Word, I'd love to know it. In any case, thank you all for your patience with my questions on this board. I admire your expertise and am grateful for your help.