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    Outlook forms (2003)

    Thanks to the incredible support of Hans, I have managed to create a system in Access that can read, write and delete appointments in Outlook. I have found that if I want to be able to completely relate the Access data with the appointment in Outlook, I will have to place a primary key value from Access into Outlook and have it stored in Outlook so that Access can recognise it when called.

    To do this (and correct me please if I am 'up the garden path') I intend to create a special Outlook form based upon the Appointments form in Outlook with only one extra field in the second tab, txtApptID (text box Appointment ID). I am assuming that I can call the data from this text box while in Access, I can't see why not as it appears that Outlook forms store the data from custom fields. That being the case, what I would like to do is to hide the tab that holds this data.

    In Access, that is simple. However, I can't find the syntax in Outlook to do this when the form is opened. What I would like to happen is that the custom form I have created will look exactly the same as the default with the exception that it has a hidden tab with the Appointment ID (defaulted to 0) being stored in Outlook should the appointment have been made in Access and then written to Outlook.

    Could you please let me know a couple of things.
    1. Is this the best way of doing this and if not, why not and then how to do it better.
    2. How does one hide a tab in Outlook on opening a custom form?

    Thank you


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    Re: Outlook forms (2003)

    I'm not sure you really need a hidden tab, if you can find some real estate on an existing tab, add the field, and make it very, very tiny so that the user isn't going to notice it. I think you also can exclude it from the tab order to prevent the user from losing the insertion point.

    But... does one really need a custom form to store a userproperty in an Outlook item? Hmmm... (unfortunately, that does not mean I'm looking up the answer 'cause I'm offline for the rest of the day).

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