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    Secondary Axis (2003 sp1)

    I have charted the NCO data from the Totals sheet to the Avg NCO sheet. I'm trying to add the ABA % data from the Totals sheet to each monthly chart on a secondary axis (as just a line). I see the data labels (on the January chart and the yearly one at the bottom of the sheet) but no line. I've been playing with the values, but just can't see to get it right. Can anyone help please? I'd like to learn to do this myself, but i'm lost. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Secondary Axis (2003 sp1)

    The problem is trying to select the data range since it is so much smaller than the range in the NCO.

    Dbl-click the y-axis and set the max to 1
    Now you can see the ABA data.
    Right-click an item in this range and set to chart-type line
    dbl-click and set axis to secondary
    [If you need more step-by-step details, let me know]
    After you put it onto the sec-axis, you can dlb-click the left y-axis and reset the max.


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