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    Outlook Keeps Crashing (2003)


    recently outlook has been failing and asking to send error reports to microsoft. It's most annoying.

    I have attached a doc with the screenshot of the error - any help is greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Outlook Keeps Crashing (2003)

    I don't think I've seen that one before, maybe a new format for Office 2003?

    Anyway, things to try:

    (1) Application Repair - on Outlook's Help menu, Detect and Repair... Note: you should close the other Office 2003 applications before doing this, as they may be affected by any changes, and have your CD handy.

    (2) Data Store Repair - assuming you use a Personal Folders file, you can use the Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST.exe) to rebuild it. Note: definitely make a backup first! For more information on this program, search for it on this board.

    (3) Remove Add-ins - you may have add-ins on Outlook that are flaky, including possibly third party anti-virus and anti-spam plug-ins. If you visit the two deeply buried dialogs on the Tools>Options...>Other tab, Advanced Options... button, you can see the add-ins (old-style and COM) hooked in to Outlook.

    (4) Malware Scan - it's also possible that you have unwanted trojans or spyware on your computer that interact with Outlook. You can use the HouseCall online scanner and a variety of other tools to look for those things.

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