We use a transform file from an install point to install Outlook. The transform file is configured to automatically create an Outlook profile at first launch. The default name used for the Outlook profile is OL2002. There has been instances reported to us where the default is automatically backed up by Outlook with a name of "back up of OL2002" then Outlook uses it as the default profile. The problem with this is the back up doesn't have the same settings users have done on the original profile. Has anyone seen this happen? Any idea what triggers Outlook to create this back up profile? In our case, it seems to be prevalent on laptops. We haven't received a report of an instance on a desktop. I suspect it might have something to do with the laptop's dual NIC (it is equipped with a WiFi card aside from the regular NIC). However, a user reported an instance even when the WiFi card was not installed. I would appreciate any help or suggestion.