We are working with a document which is over 200 pages. We are using Master Document (I know that it is not advisable). Within each sub-document there are four chapters (North, South, East and West), and 10 sections. We are using legal outlining within the Heading styles. The chapter titles are not part of the Heading styles. Within each section the page number starts at 1. We are using the section number (Heading 1 style) with the page number in the footer.

The renumbering of the sections and Heading 1 style was going fine until we changed to Odd/Even pages. The footers with page numbers (1-1, 2-1, ..., 10-1) will not start back at 1-1 when the chapter changes. The outline number for the Heading 1 style changes to 1, but the page number is 10-1. Logically we believe it would be 11-1, but either way we want 1-1.

Does anyone have ideas on getting the Heading number in the page number back to 1?