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    Open a form from command button and populate it (2000)


    Looking to open a form from a specific record and populate the form so the rest of the information can be entered. We have had a viewing on the house whereby it has all the details of the viewer and the house, they want ot make an offer. We press a command button which uses the current record to populate a new offers form which we go onto complete. How is this best achieved?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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    Re: Open a form from command button and populate it (2000)

    First, you need to have a table to store the unique details related to the offer. That table should contain a foreign key to both the viewer record and the house record. As to the method for populating a form to capture the offer details, there are several methods. One of the most simple would be to create a bound form based on the offers table and open in in data entry mode. Then use two combo boxes, one to set the House, and another to set the Viewer. Then enter the Offer details on the form. If you need further explanation or want to consider other options, please post back.

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