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    Resource Levelling (MSP 2002)


    Possibly this question pertains to Project Management more than MSP itself. I am trying to level the resources by trying to balance the overallocated ones with the underallocated. The more I am trying to do the more I am getting entangled. THere are several tasks with constraints and predessor - successor relationshilps. If I retain the constraints the predessor - successor relationships need to be avoided. I try to do the levelling option, however it is giving absurd figures on a day to day scheduled work (although the total hours match). I am free to extend the end date of the whole plan itself

    Can you suggest me the correct "approach" towards doing this so that I am able to level by honouring all the constraints, predessor-successor relationships and allocations of resources

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    Re: Resource Levelling (MSP 2002)

    It is generally better to have a few necessary constraints rather that a constraint on every task. Constraints are necessary to a project, but I generally recommend prudent usage of them. Task dependancy relationships are your tool to get tasks into a schedule. The default of Project is to honor constraints over dependency relationships if there is a conflict. This can be changed through Tools Options on the Schedule tab by using the check box for tasks will always honor their constraint dates.

    If you are leveling your project using the Resource Leveling tool provided with the software if you go with all the defaults the only thing that the tool will do is identify overallocated resources and delay their task work until they are available based on the information you setup in the resource sheet and the information in calendars. It generally sends the project finish date into never never land.

    I prefer to level projects manually and make the decisions myself, not let project have it's way. I use the view resource usage for this purpose. If you right click in the left side of the split screen in Resource Usage you can add the details of Overallocation and Remaining Availibility. From this view you can see all the details in specifics of your resource plan and make appropriate decisions as what you want to change. It is a very detailed view and takes some time to learn to use, but I like to make my own choices based on my ability as a project manager, not let Project decide. Project offers many ways to address the same thing and one is not necessarily correct and another incorrect, I choose to see it as the hard way and the easier way so I am just offering posibilites that have worked well for me.

    This is a pretty generalized answer and may offer things you already know, so if you need any additional information just post again.

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