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    Undoing 'Mark all' XE Tags (Word 2003)

    I am trying to set up an index of my document, and went a little nuts using
    the "mark all" function -- as a result, I have loads of entries that I want
    to delete and/or clean up. Short of manually going to each entry and
    deleting the tags, is there a quicker way to undo the "mark all" activity???

    Thanks!! <img src=/S/scratch.gif border=0 alt=scratch width=25 height=29>

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    Re: Undoing 'Mark all' XE Tags (Word 2003)

    Immediately after Mark All, Edit | Undo or Ctrl+Z ought to undo it.

    You can also use Edit | Replace: enter ^d XE in the Find What box and leave Replace With blank. Then click Replace All to remove ALL index entries (not just those you just created).

    To replace a specific set of index markings, enter ^d XE "MarkedText" in the Find What box, where MarkedText is the text you applied Mark All to, and proceed as above.

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