My wife has an e-mail account under my/our account with our mail provider (, formerly ionet). Oue e-mail client is Outlook 97. I am able to check my mail w/no problem. My wife, on the other hand, is getting a message which reads "You could not be logged on to the POP server. Please review the logon information and try again." We normally get this message when our provider's server is down. That is not the case here since I'm able to get my mail. I called the provider and they found no problem with their server. The tech. rep. suggested installing a different client, just to see if it would get my wife's mail. I'd rather not go through all that if at all possible to avoid it. Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt. I just checked, and we are able to check her mail through the provider's website so it looks like the problem is definitely in Outlook. I also changed her password via the provider and still cannot get Outlook to retrieve her mail.

Any suggestions as to how I might solve this problem?