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    Shortcut Keys-Disappear

    Word97 SR2
    I have created a new Template and assigned some Shortcut Keys to apply various Heading Styles.
    Documents created from this template work fine on the computer that created the template but if I e-mail a document somewhere and open it on a different computer, the Shortcut Keys do not work.
    When I created the .dot template, and I assigned the keys, I made sure that they were "saved" in the template I was developing. (in the "Customize Keyboard" dialogue box).

    If I check FormatStyleModifyShortcut Key in the derived document, the Keys I assigned in the template are not there.

    So...I know why it is not working but how do I fix the template so the Shortcut Key assignments "Stick" to the documents created from it.

    Or is this an unreasonable expectation?.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Re: Shortcut Keys-Disappear


    The shortcut key assignments are stored in the template, so when you open a document based on the template, on your computer, the document 'reads' the key assignments from the template. (When you create a new document based on the template, the key assignments are not 'written' to the new document; they remain in the template, and the document reads them from the template.)

    If you then open this document on another computer, on which the template is not available, the document will not be able to read any of the customizations made available by the template, because the template is not available. So if you want other users to have access to these customizations, you'll need to distribute the template to them as well (and the best way to do that is a large topic in itself <g>).


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    Re: Shortcut Keys-Disappear

    Just to add a bit to what Gary has said:

    You could use the Organiser (Format|Style|Organiser (Button) or Tools|Macro|Organiser (Button) to copy all styles in the template to the document which you want the shortcut keys in. Since the style has the shortcut key assigned to it, copying the styles will copy the keyboard assignments as well. If this is not done, only the formatting attributes remain in the document, and not the keyboard assignments.

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