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    Photo Stitching (2D)

    Catching up on my newsletter reading, and in the April 14 issue of LangaList Std Edition there a link to a demo photo stitching program that claims to be fully automatic. Evidently there's no commercial version available "yet" but the demo is <img src=/S/free.gif border=0 alt=free width=30 height=15> for the downloading here: AutoStitch. I haven't tried it yet, but please proceed with due care.

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    Re: Photo Stitching (2D)

    Hi Al

    Autostitch is a great program for anyone interested in combining pictures into what is usually called a "Panorama".

    "proceed with due care" ....... nah, just download it and play.
    The format could be improved, but then it is beta, and free as well.
    Keep in mind that you should have at least 25% overlap, 33% is better.

    Also, don't think you need to have wide, expansive vistas to photograph. Shoot several macros and stitch them. You might find it better than taking one pic and doing some severe cropping.
    Don't limit yourself to horizontal stitches either....try vertical, combination vertical and horizontal, even "shapes".

    I've included a very downsized image I stitched from 5 horizontal pics back in January.

    Have a Great day!!!
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    Re: Photo Stitching (2D)

    Loungers in UK may be interested to know that the Cover Disk for the next issue of Computer Shopper magazine (Nov 06) contains a copy of Serif Software's Panorama1 which is based on the Autostitch core program.
    So far as I can tell it's the full program but <img src=/S/free.gif border=0 alt=free width=30 height=15>. The magazine indicates that 'phone registration is required' (from which you would expect occasional emails), but mine ran straight away. Expect all other magazine cover disks to have covered it by Christmas!

    It's got a nicer interface, but you lose all the parameter tweaks. Performance is pretty much the same as the bare bones Autostitch download version.

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