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    AutoText (2003/sp1)

    Please help! My company is upgrading from Windows 2000, Office 2003 to WindowsXP, Office 2003. We are deploying to 500 users in the next few days and I've come across a problem! I had copied over and all was well. Then I noticed document footers where not automatically updating so added the code within the attached text file to

    Within Insert, AutoText sub menu, I'd created two new groups (Office Address and Office Logos) and each group had a further sub menu containing four entires. After adding the vb within the txt file, one of my AutoText Groups had changed and was showing something completely random, so I thought it would be best to recreate the AutoText groups...but it's been so long since I last had to do this that I can't remember how! I've had a quick look on Microsoft but it's not the easiest place to search.

    It's probably something really simple but I just can't remember. If anyone can help, I'll be so grateful!

    Many thanks,

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    Re: AutoText (2003/sp1)

    The AutoText entries are grouped by style; the style name serves as menu item. So you should apply the style named Office Address to the appropriate text fragments before creating AutoText entries from them; similar for Office Logos.

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