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    New 'MalWareSearch' user...

    Alright - this is going to seem kind of weird - but I'm going to be moving this summer and taking a new job that will require me to be away from home for up to two months at a time... My wife is definitely not computer savy - and cringes at the thought of having to open something other that Internet Explorer or Microsoft Outlook while she's using the computer (although from time to time she will use the other Office programs for things or Adobe Photoshop)...
    So I'm thinking If I created a new user (for the ease of my wife not being confused) called "MalWareSearch" - or something to that affect - that she can just click on let it run it's business and then when it's done - she can do what ever she needs to do...
    Has anyone seen - or know of a way to create - a scheduled task or a program that will say for instace:
    Step 1 (<font color=red>after</font color=red> logon of "MalWareSearch" user) - Open SpyBot SD - run and clean automatically
    Step 2 (<font color=red>after</font color=red> completion of Step 1) - Open Adaware - run and clean automatically
    Step 3 (<font color=red>after</font color=red> completion of Step 2) - Open Microsoft AntiSpyware - run and clean automatically
    Step 4 (<font color=red>after</font color=red> completion of Step 3) - Open McAfee Virus Scan - run and clean automatically
    And so on and so forth...

    The difficult part will be telling the program to start <font color=red>after</font color=red> the other program has finished...

    I know it might seem like over-kill to have the computer automatically do all this stuff - when I could just teach my wife how to do it... Here's the thing - If my wife touches it - it will break... And I don't particularly want to have to deal w/ this over the phone...

    Any suggestions - would be welcome - thanks in advance...

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    Re: New 'MalWareSearch' user...

    Give your wife a break! Many anti-virus and anti-spyware programs have schedulers built in to run scans. That seems far easier than what you're proposing. If they don't, and you can determine the command line instruction to run a scan, you can use Windows' task scheduler to run it at regular intervals.

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    Re: New 'MalWareSearch' user...

    If you want a controlled batch, try Batchrun from Outer Technologies. I've been using this <img src=/S/free.gif border=0 alt=free width=30 height=15> program for over three years to handle some of my batches and found it very easy to use. Use the graphical interface to set up your different scans, set to wait until the previous one is finished, and then save the file to the 'MalWareSearch' user Startup folder.

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