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    Paste into an Application (Access 2003)

    I have some VBA code to open another application when I click a button in Access. When the application is opened, I press CTRL+V to paste some clipboard text into it. Then I press Enter to execute the application. (The application is the label editing program for a label printer; the clipboard text is a mailing address that I want to put onto a label.)

    Is there a way to have the pasting (and hopefully the Enter pressing) take place automatically when the application is open?
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    Re: Paste into an Application (Access 2003)

    I don't know if the label editing program has an API (application program interface). If not, you could try SendKeys, but it it not really dependable: it simulates keystrokes, but they might end up being handled by another application if that happens to get the focus.
    Private Sub cmdSomething_Click()
    SendKeys "^V{ENTER}"
    ' instruction to open label editing program goes here
    End Sub</code>

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