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    multible recipiants (privacy) (03 SP1)

    I am sending out Requests for Proposals to various bidders.
    1. I want to send identical messages to 10 recipients. I do not want any recipient to know who the other recipients are. I have tried to use blind copies but a lot of recipients filtered them out as Spam.
    The best way I have is to resend the same message 10 times changing the address for each message.
    Does Outlook have any kind of list management? Or is there a better way.

    2. Also I want to get acknowledgements from recipients, but not form the people on the cc list. Can I do that?

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    Re: multible recipiants (privacy) (03 SP1)

    Look into Tools | Mail Merge from the menus exposed when you have a Contacts Folder open. I don't have much experience with it, but there are several discussions in this Forum.

    I'm not sure about your second question, but I do not think that you can selectively request received receipts or read receipts by recipient, you can only set the requests by message.
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