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    Mail merger using Excel data (Word/Excel 2003 SP1)

    A user in our agency was doing a mail merge in Word using an Excel data source. Some of the data source was updated to split the zip codes into two columns (5-digit and 4 supplemental digits) Some of the zip codes had a formula checker indicator(green triangle) in the cells when data was changed. When the labels were created, some labels had zero for the zip code. When checking further, the zero zip codes were the cells that display the formula checker. All cells in the zip code column were formatted as general yet some sent zero to the merge. When tested on Excel 2003 and Word 2003 without SP1, the merge ran without a problem. Can anyone give me an explanation of this phenonmenon? Thanks..Carol

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    Re: Mail merger using Excel data (Word/Excel 2003 SP1)

    We'd have to see a sample of the data.

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