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    Co-exist A97 and A 2002 (97 & 2002)


    I had a working, dual-installation of A97 and A2002 on my computer until recently when A2002 crashed. My system admin re-installed A2002 (I don't know whether he declined to clean up previous version of Access). Ever since, A97 issues a warning when launching that it is unable to initialize the Windows registry. If I re-install A97, then it works for as long as I do not run A2002. Immediately upon running A2002, it issues a "preparing to Install..." message, it goes thru some steps, and issues a "successfully installed" message. However, A97 then reverts to its "cannot initialize Registry" warning. The two versions are installed into separate directories.

    Any idea how to fix this problem? I can't get any help locally. (and as I said, the dual installation *was* working until recently)

    Jack MacDonald
    Vancouver, Canada

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    Re: Co-exist A97 and A 2002 (97 & 2002)

    What happens if you completely uninstall both versions (preferably the entire Office suites), then reinstall first, Access/Office 97 and after that, reinstall Access 2002/Office XP in a different folder?

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