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    Templates (Word 2002 10.2627.6626 SP3)

    I accessed a template from my network and created a document from it. I saved the document on my local machine. However, I noticed that when I am typing in the document, and when I copy/paste in the document, the response is quite slow. This document is only a few pages in length, no pictures, and the total size is just 154k, so it can't be due to the size of the document. I am wondering if the slowness is due to the template/network - so my question is this: When a document is created from a template that is on the network, does the document completely "break away" from the template, or does it continue to be linked to the template in some way, and therefore cause the slowness due to the continued connection over the network from one town to another.

    I know that it isn't just my computer, since if I start a new document without a template, the typing/copy/paste response is fast.

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    Re: Templates (Word 2002 10.2627.6626 SP3)

    The document maintains a link to the template. If you don't need macros, autotext etc. from the template, you can break this link:
    - Select Tools | Templates and Add-Ins...
    - Type Normal into the Document template box.
    - Click OK.

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