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    Donations for Non-Profits

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    I don't think I've ever seen this mentioned here. If you work for a non-profit, as I do, there is a great organization that administers software donations for non-profits - it's called TechSoup, and you can find it at You have to provide proof that you are a 501(3) non-profit. Also, there is an administration fee involved, but compared to the retail cost of the software offered, it's nominal.

    Microsoft is a great contributor, as is Symantec, as well as lots of other major companies. Cisco participates to help with hardware, and you can do online classes with SkillSoft, so you can learn how to use stuff. There are various restrictions and conditions from some of the companies, so read the fine print, but it is a great resource that can help keep a non-profit's technology costs under control.

    Of course, you can go to each company and ask for non-profit pricing, but to have them all gathered in one place is great, plus these are donated, and the admin fee that TechSoup charges is often very much less than the non-profit price from individual companies. There is also a lot of stuff just pertaining to non-profits (programs to help with fund raising, for example). Their newsletter is very informative, and each one includes a real soup recipe, so if nothing else, that makes it worth getting!

    Some individual companies do have donation programs that they administrate themselves -- Adobe is one, and the backup software we use is another, but we had to wait months to hear back about whether or not we were approved for the donation (these companies don't donate through TechSoup, so we had no choice but to wait). With TechSoup, if they have it in stock, you can order it now and have it shipped to you. At the end of their donation cycle, some stuff will be out of stock. Usually that means they are waiting for donations of the latest version from the various companies.

    Hope you find this helpful. It's saved us a LOT of money, and made us able to give our clients (we are a poverty law firm) the best service possible.

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    Re: Donations for Non-Profits

    I had a look, hoping to find some useful stuff for a charity that I help out, but it appears to be US only from what I can tell.


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