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    What have they done to my Alt-Click? (Word 2003)

    Has anyone figured out how to remove the most annoying new feature in Word 2003? Who wanted Alt-Click to bring up the Reference pane? This is a mistake, IMHO.

    As a heavy user of tables, I always Alt-Click (to select an entire column from anywhere within that column) and Alt-Double-Click (to select an entire table).

    Now those combinations pop up Reference--as if I don't keep Google running right beside Word all day! This is especially annoying if your tables are more than a few rows tall; because you now must scroll to the top of the table, scrape around with the mouse until you get that little down arrow, and then click.

    What moron thought this was an improvement? Okay, too harsh, Al; just reconfigure Word. You can get rid of it.

    Good idea, except I can't find any way to remove it. Can you? Can anyone? The best solution I've found is to add Select Cell, Select Row, Select Column, and Select Table to Table Cell's right-click menu, but that's much slower.

    Is it just me? Does anyone else find this a giant non-reconfigurable step backwards?

    Al Lowe

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    Re: What have they done to my Alt-Click? (Word 2003)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    Many users are frustrated by this change. Unfortunately, it is not configurable <img src=/S/sad.gif border=0 alt=sad width=15 height=15>
    However, there are some alternatives:
    Shift+Right-click selects a column
    Alt+Num 5 (5 on the numeric keypad) selects the entire table.
    You can also assign your own custom keyboard shortcuts to the TableSelectColumn and TableSelectTable commands.

    For more discussioin, see for example this newsgroup thread.

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