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    C drive OTL w/bad cable? Heat?

    I had my main drive replaced less than a year ago with this same problem. I get a blue screen, can't write to C: Reboot and all is fine. Problem again but this time at boot up I get can't find Windows. I was doing a lot of reading from the CD reader at the time. The Cd is at the top of the box.

    Waited a few hours and it boots up just fine. Ran Norton systems works and found a few S/W problems, active Xes and the like, but no h/w problems. Ran with that sucker for 1-2 hours and no problems.

    Could this be a ribbon cable problem or a connection problem caused by heat? Can the fan be kaput? This is a Gateway PII running 95.


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    Re: C drive OTL w/bad cable? Heat?

    I would suspect the following in this order:

    1- Heat, possibly caused by dead fan or clogged filter.

    2- Weak Power Supply, possibly affected by heat.

    3- Crack or cold solder joint on disk controller which would be affected by heat.

    4- Bad Cable/dirty or corroded connectors.
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