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    Merge from two data sources (WinXPsp2 - Office 200

    I have two Excel data sources, one of Church Tower information the other of Membership information. I can create "merge" lists form either in Word easily. What I what to do is create a document that has "Tower Info", "Member Info", "Tower Info", "Member Info", etc., i.e. looping through the Towers one by one reading the Memebrship for that Tower. I can't see how Word could do this using "Merge" fields but could I do it with VBA maybe? I suspect Access could take this in it's stride, but since I've never used Access I don't know.

    Any advice please people.....

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    Re: Merge from two data sources (WinXPsp2 - Office

    Excel has a lot of "database-like" features. I'm wondering whether you could use Excel to merge your two sets of data together into a one-to-many layout. I guess it might be necessary to "flatten" your database so that each record contains all the information for that record's "Tower" but I've never tried it so I couldn't say for sure. Once you have the data combined, there are many threads here and online resources about how to merge them (in some threads it has been called a parent-child relationship).

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