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    Combining Personal.xls and toolbars (Excel 2000/03)

    I have my Excel 2003 personal.xls and a related toolbar file on my home pc. I have an Excel 2000 personal.xls and related toolbar (more buttons and different macros) from the office. I want to periodically combine or update my home files with what I develop in the office, so when I bring a file home I have all the same utility macros available to me. I would have renamed the modules in my home personal file so that I could import the others from the office, but I couldn't seem to find a way to do that. And that would have still left the toolbar (which I would be satisfied to rebuild if needed.) How can one combine at least the module set, if not the toolbar files? TYIA

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    Re: Combining Personal.xls and toolbars (Excel 2000/03)

    You can rename modules in the Visual Basic Editor:
    - Select a module in the Project Explorer (the treeview)
    - Change the Name property in the Properties window

    You can attach a toolbar to a workbook, in the Toolbars tab of the Tools | Customize dialog (in Excel itself). This enables you to transport a toolbar to another PC. Excel can only display one toolbar with a given name, so if you want to be able to copy buttons from one toolbar to another, you must give them different names. Renaming is also done in the Toolbars tab of Tools | Customize...

    Jan Karel Pieterse's Toolbars is a good read, as is the rest of the series it belongs to.

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