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    Mail Merge to 4-up layout

    I am trying to do a mailmerge to new doc with a 4-up landscape layout for printing the address side of postcards, 4 per page. The merge doc has a small logo infront of the return address and a simple US 3-line address area.

    The Merge doc is set up with 2 columns but only one copy of the layout.

    When I merge, the output has a page break between records (can this be suppressed?), so I run a quick search and replace ^b with null and I get almost what I need but the logo graphics are not moving correctly into the 4 places.

    If I layout the merge doc with four sets of merge fields, each record is repeated 4 times on each page.

    Is there a method or workaround for generating the printable output file without manual editing (600 records to 150 4-up pages for the postcard address)?



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    Re: Mail Merge to 4-up layout

    Presuming you set-up your postcards using the Envelopes and Labels feature (on the Tools menu) and selected "New Document" then you should have a 4-cell table. You should set up in each of the 4 cells. In cell A1 (top left) you will have the mergefield(s) listed only. In the other three place a next record field prior to the first mergefield.

    Let me know if this helps.

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    Re: Mail Merge to 4-up layout

    I've never been able to get the Envelopes & Labels tool to print anything other than the unformatted plain text; in other words all the formatting is lost when I paste in the layout to the small text area in the dialog box. I just tried it and the graphic is included but the layout is scambled. I tried using a table for the layout but this gets lost too., and the font goes to 12 point Times New Roman. It did give me a four-up layout with the merge fields so I am going to try editing it to the needed layout.

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    Re: Mail Merge to 4-up layout

    I found I could add in the <<Next Record>> from the [Insert Word Field] control and this solved the sequencing of 4/page. This was after creating the (unformatted) merge doc, and re-inserting the merge fields and re-applying the formatting 4 times. I am still figuring out how to add in the barcode without going thru the wizard (which drops all the formatting), and I am now trying to get a variable length text area (a note above the address) to take up the same amount of vertical space. Otherwise the result is perfect! thanks for your help.

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