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    Import Data From Web (Excel XP)

    I need to import some data from the intranet to excel. Cut n paste it comes in the format as per the attached txt file. I'd like to format the data across a row, rahter than down a colum as it is at the moment. There are about 537 records that I need to update in my spreadsheet... I've tried to play with the Web Data Import tool, but it just imports the data the same way as I can manually therefore not much help. Has anybody got any tricky ideas how to write a macro or create a form that will format the data as I need it?
    BTW - each record is on a fresh screen, so I've been manually trawling.

    Thank you - Marco

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    Re: Import Data From We (Excel XP)

    I don't know how exactly the data look in Excel, but you can experiment with transposing them:
    - Select the data.
    - Copy to the clipboard (Ctrl+C)
    - Click somewhere else.
    - Select Edit | Paste Special...
    - Tick the Transpose check box.
    - Click OK.

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