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Thread: decimals (2000)

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    decimals (2000)

    Hi, I'm an excel girl and seldom work with access so this is probably gonna be a simple question.

    My daughter does the data input in a database built in access. In one field she has to enter an amount with a decimal eg 6.1. Her database only records the 6 and not the 6.1.

    Can someone please explain how she can change that in the design stage.


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    Re: decimals (2000)

    Hi Karat,

    There are several possible causes.

    First, let her open the table in design view and check the Field Size of the field. If it is set to Integer or Long Integer, the field will only store whole numbers. In order to store decimals, the Data Type must be Number with Field Size either Single or Double, or the Data Type must be Currency.

    Second, let her check the formatting of the field. This must be done where she enters the data; this might be a form, a query or the table itself. If the Decimal Places property is set to 0, or if there is a custom Format property that does not include decimal places, decimal places will not be displayed, even though they may be stored.

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