I realize that there are lots of very satisfied users of DisKeeper from Executive Software. Personally, I used it once to do a boot time defrag on two hard drives that I had arranged in a RAID 0 format and lost everything! Could not even boot up. Had to do a fresh new install of WinXP and none of the original data was retrieved... The rave reviews and the popularity of the program led me to believe that it was probably my error. Whatever the cause, I was certain that it would not happen again! So, I went looking for a different defrag program...

I found PerfectDisk from Raxco Software.. Installed it, used it and loved it. I found the user-interface to be even superior to Norton's SpeedDisk and tons better than the basic MS defrag utility. I've been using it for quite a while and have never experienced any problems.

The two products have been compared and tested against one another for speed, defragging ability, free space fragmentation, etc. The results of the test are published on this white paper from May 2004. You may find the results interesting. One sentence from the white paper certainly caught my attention:<center>
<hr>Indeed, in some cases, both the WinBench score and seek data were better before DisKeeper ran, as it further fragmented free space.<hr>