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    clear Print to File setting (Office XP SP3)


    I have code which sends the print job to file. I then open up the .prn file amend accordingly> close save the file. then i send the amended .prn spooled file to the printer.

    my dilema is this:
    as I use the Print dialog box > Print To File command - this setting needs to be cleared
    As when another application access Word & then Prints the 'Print to File' dialog box appears.
    I thought in the Public Sub SpoolFile - I maybe able to add code to clear the Print to file eg dlgPrint.PrintToFile = 0 'clear print to file
    Or wont the API allow for this?

    im effectively already sending the job to print twice . after the code is completed I dont want to make another call to print& clear the print to file setting
    note this is done in Word VBA.

    please see attached code.

    any ideas?

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    Re: clear Print to File setting (Office XP SP3)

    I have nothing new since our thread last November/December.

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