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    Conditional formatting surpassed due finish dates (2002)

    How can I have Project turn tasks that missed their finish date without being 100% complete font color to red? (Along the lines of conditional formatting in excel) Thank you for any assistance. - scott

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    Re: Conditional formatting surpassed due finish dates (2002)


    You could create a custom filter using the criteria Finish Is greater than Baseline Finish then apply the highlight feature.
    Select from the menu Project ,Filtered for:All tasks, More fFilters
    In the More Filters dialog box select New
    Give the filter a name and use
    Field Name = Finish
    Test = is greater than
    Value = [Baseline Finish]
    Selsct OK to close the Filter Definition dialog box
    With your new named filter selected click the Highlight button in the More filters dialog box
    This will turn the text of tasks that meet the filter criteria blue.
    If you want another color, select Format Text Styles form the menu bar and in the Item to change list select Highlight and change the font or color of the font.
    If you want to be able to reuse this filter in other projects save it to the organizer.


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