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    Open with Find Active (2002/SP2)

    I use Find all the time when I have Contacts open. I use the Phone List view. The Standard toolbar has a Find a Contact spot on it, which opens a Contacts card when found. 99% of the time, I don't want that, I just want the phone number. I can click on Find, which opens what looks like a toolbar but I don't think it is, which shows:
    Look For: _____ Search In:_____________ Find Now Clear

    I can enter information in the look for, click Find Now and all matches show on my screen. My question is, how do I get Outlook to open with Find active all the time? (I realize it may be kind of silly, I only have to press one button and then it's active all day but I want it to be easier! :-) ). If anyone knows of a way to do this, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Re: Open with Find Active (2002/SP2)

    If "find" is on when you close Outlook, it should still be on when you re-open. I leave mine active all the time.

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