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    Save All

    Hi, all,
    is it possible to use such a procedure to create (a) a GIF file ([img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] containing all pages in one?
    My goal is to distibute a pub-file in a more general & easy to use file format.

    Browsing the VBA help I found this method:
    ActiveDocument.SaveAs Filename:="URLPath" & .Name, Format:=pbFileHTMLFiltered
    - I don't find a constant (like pbFileHTMLFiltered) for saving as a GIF file;
    - this method is only available for the document object, not for the window object, right?
    - you can only save one page (or two if using Double Page view) at a time to a separate file, right?

    Actually, I think I'll save myself using a free pdf-convertor, but it would be good to know if it could be done otherwise too...

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    Re: Save All

    I'm not sure you mean GIF. GIF the graphics format? While GIF files can contain multiple "frames" that get animated together, they are not a useful way to distribute documents.

    TIFF files can contain multiple pages, but they're huge. (This is the format common used for scans and faxes.)

    ZIP files are handy for people who know how to unzip and browse them. Obviously that isn't everyone!

    PDF probably is your best bet. Yes, there are free products, even free products that don't display ads (such as CutePDF Writer). I prefer pdfFactory which, while not free, lets you print any number of documents from any combination of applications into a buffer and then save them as a single PDF file. To knit together individually saved PDF files might require something like pdfEdit995 ($9.95 or "free" with pop-up ads).

    Uhhh... wait a minute, should this thread be on the Publisher board rather than the FrontPage board?

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