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    Updating an Imported Table

    Access 97 SR2

    I am an Access Newbie so this may be an easy one, but I cannot find anything in Help.

    I have imported a csv file as a table. The problem is that when the csv file gets updated, that information is not passed to the Access table. Is there a way to automate this through a query/macro or some other access trick that has eluded me?

    I did try using a linked table, but then I could not make any additions to that table within Access.



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    Re: Updating an Imported Table

    Sorry, but I don't understand what you're trying to accomplish. A CSV file is simply a text file. Nothing that happens to it will update anything else. When you import the file into Access, it becomes an Access table. There is NO link between the two at all.

    HOW is the CSV file getting updated and why are you using a CSV file in the first place instead of simply updating the Access table? Maybe if you explain more about the background, someone can suggest a way to handle it.

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    Re: Updating an Imported Table

    I have a FrontPage form that outputs to a csv file. I want to take that information and use it in an Access database. If there is an easy way to get information from a FrontPage form into an Access table, I'd like to find it.



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