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    Path to Office applications (A97, A2k)

    I would like to find the path to the Office applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) from SQL. One section of my database opens supporting documents ("Office" files) that are stored in a shared directory. I need to know the path to Word, Excel (etc.) so I can open the document using the "call shell" command. I know that the following code works for Access:

    I am using Office 2000 for all my "normal" Office applications, and I ALSO use Access 97. In fact, users of my database have Access 97, Access 2000, or Access 2003. So, I need to code to the A97 version. This is why I have two versions of Access on my computer. So, using the above code, I get the directory for Access 97, but not what I need (the Office 2000 path).

    Is there some code that finds the path to the Office applications for the user who is running the database?

    TIA, Jerry

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    Re: Path to Office applications (A97, A2k)

    The SysCmd(acSysCmdAccessDir) returns the path to the version of Access that is currently running. If there are similar commands for Excel and Word, I'm assuming they would also only work if those applications were actually up and running at the time. I'm not sure you can find what you want unless you can somehow query the "Open With" information that Windows stores.
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    Re: Path to Office applications (A97, A2k)

    See the replies to <post#=473725>post 473725</post#>.

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