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    Macro help (2000)

    This is my first time at running a macro. I wanted to find out how to change a number into a date format. I found the answer on your 32113 post. It said you can run this macro on the selected cells. How do I do that? Do I select the cells then right click or select the cells and go to tools macro but then what?
    Also I have another question, in the find what how can I make excel look in default to Values instead of formulas
    PS thanks for having Woody

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    Re: Macro help (2000)

    <post#=32113>post 32113</post#> doesn't seem to be relevant to your question. However, the idea probably is:
    - Select the cells you want to modify.
    - Select Tools | Macro | Macros...
    - Pick the macro you want to run.
    - Click Run

    Excel will always search in formulas by default. It will remember the most recent setting within a session, though.

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    Re: Macro help (2000)

    Hi Buckshot!

    To run a macro, you need to choose TOOLS | MACRO | MACRO'S, or press ALT + F8
    Then select the Macro from the list and choose Run.

    (If the macro has a short cut key, you can simply press that combination on the keyboard.) To creat a shortcut, press ALT + F8 and select the macro from the list, and then click Options. Assign a key, CTRL + SHIFT+ Z (or any other letter).

    The attached file has a macro to convert text dates into dates. Keep cell A1 selected and run the macro from the instructions above, or simply press CTRL+SHIFT+Z (the shortkey for this macro!)


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