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    Template Toolbar not displaying (Word 2003/SP1)

    I have created a template, stored a special macro in it and then created a custom toolbar stored in that template with a button to trigger the macro. However, the toolbar won't display or even show up in the list of available toolbars. However, it does show in the list when I click a toolbar to get to customize when I have the template open. What step am I missing here? Or have I misunderstood? I only need this toolbar and macro in this one template so I opted not to put it in a global template so I wouldn't have to redistribute my global template. I just wanted to be able to click the template to create a new document and have that toolbar available when documents based on that template were open. Any ideas?

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    Re: Template Toolbar not displaying (Word 2003/SP1)

    Open the template.
    Make sure that the toolbar is visible.
    Save the template, then close it.
    Next time you create a document based on the template, the toolbar should be displayed.

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