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    Highlight word Total in Pivot Table (2003)

    I am using a pivot table and would like to highlight the word "Total" each time it is encountered in a specific column.

    Is this possible?

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    Re: Highlight word Total in Pivot Table (2003)

    If you want to highlight cells that equal "total" or that contain "total" you can do it with conditional formatting (you will have to redo the cond formatting after the pivot is refreshed). I know it is not "saved" with the formatting in XL97 (perhaps it can be preserved in later versions). You could create a macro to refresh and then reformat the pivot if desired.

    If you only want to hightlight only the word Total that is contained in a cell, you will have to use a macro to find the cells containing Total and then highlight just the word.

    If you need additional info please post back with more details on what is desired/needed. If a macro is needed the pivot table name and the sheetname with the pivot is needed...


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