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    Language in Date wierdness (Word 2000 SR 1)

    One of our template documents has a {DATE} field in it. This morning it decided to show as '5 Aymuray 2005'. Hunting around on the Net I discovered the Aymuray means 'May' or 'Harvest' in the language Kechwa (or Quechua).
    The computer the document was created on is English (Australian) through and through. Control Panel, Regional and Language Options, Languages, Details has only one selection - English (Australia) - US.
    Start, Program, Microsoft Office Tools, Microsoft Office Language Settings has only two enabled language settings - English (Australia) and English (U.S.). The 'Installed version on Office' is English (Australia).
    In Word, the text is set to Tools, Language, Set Language shows no selected language (English Australia and English US are listed at the top but not selected).
    Where did this language come from?
    The document has Track Changes on, but that doesn't show change of language settings. We do use 'Do not check spelling or language' a bit.
    Fixing it was easy - select the whole text and Mark the selected text as language English (Australia). But I'm still perplexed as to where it came from, why it happened and how I stop it from happening again in other documents.
    Any ideas or comments welcome!

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    Re: Language in Date wierdness (Word 2000 SR 1)

    From your description, I would guess that the document got corrupted slightly - a bit flipped somewhere causing the language id to change.

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