Hi to all Access Gurus - I'd appreciate comments/opinions/options on the following problem.
MS Access 2000 security of replicated database problem.

Working Scenario:-
Main DB on network server (Novell 5), accessed from workstation (W2K) and password protected.
DB is relatively small i.e. about 8 tables and 500 records but information is confidential.
Requirement is to have up to 3-users using laptops to obtain and update data off-site.
Preferred method is to replicate DB to each of laptops, synchronizing when leaving site and on return (usually 1 but not more than 2-3 days).
Although each replica on leaving site has an up-to-date copy, it is highly unlikely (although possible) that the same record(s) would be updated on different replicas and/or the Master.

Passwords can