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    CPU over utilisation (2000SP3)

    I've seen Word CPU hogging alluded to in a couple of places, but never with any satisfactory answers.

    I've a not terribly long document (30 pages) which keeps causing word to take 50% of the CPU cycles and make my fan work very hard, which is distracting.

    I've turned off spell check as you type.
    The document has no external links, and no pictures.
    There are no macros in the document.
    The document is not based on a custom template.

    Closing this document whilst leaving word open reduces the CPU utilisation down to normal, and most other documents don't have this effect.

    I've seen some comment about the NAV plugin, which I do use, but surely if there was a problem with that it wouldn't be word that's showing the high CPU utilisation, and it would happen with other documents as well.

    How can I stop this happening?


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    Re: CPU over utilisation (2000SP3)

    Have you also turned off the Save AutoRecover Info feature? Does the CPU utilization continue even if you are not making any changes to the document, and for how long? Were you seeing 50% for WINWORD.EXE in Task Manager?

    My experience with NAV, although I am not an expert with NAV utilization, is that the utilization peaks out when you open a new file or document due to NAV scanning it for viruses, but should settle down after the initial scan.
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