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    Category labels when sizing horizontal bar chart (Excel 2003)

    I have created a horizontal bar chart but as i make it wider and/or narrower the category labels which i have in 12 pt Arial break into different amounts of lines. For Instance, when i make the chart wide the category label is in one line - "Close to where I live". When I make the chart narrow it breaks it into 2 lines - "Close to where" and "I live".

    My question is how can I control the category labels by themselves? I want to keep them one line but make the bars narrower. I can't seem to isolate the 2 parts. They seem to change together.

    Is there a macro i can use to make the category labels stay as one line? thank you for the help

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    Re: Category labels when sizing horizontal bar chart (Excel 2003)

    Let's hope that someone else knows how to do this. I would be interested too, for as far as I know, the space available for axis labels cannot be changed independently from the plot area.

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    Re: Category labels when sizing horizontal bar chart (Excel 2003)

    I concur.
    I played around with it and excel seems to have some type of algorithm for deciding how much to allow to each, but I saw no real rhyme or reason.

    You can get the value of the chart's plot area without the axis (insideHeight and insideleft, insidetop, insidewidth) but these are all readonly, so how excel determines them based on the chartarea and plotarea items is not clear.

    The easiest way may be with text boxes or a "picture" (with the camera tool) of a range that is formatted as desired.


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