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    Move left (Access 2000)

    What is the command to move controls? I have a control placed in the last of the row in a form.I want this control to
    be moved temporarily in the first place and take the place of an already invisible control.This invisible control hase a property
    left =0,099cm and i want to give such a command that my control CtrlBus takes the place of the first invisible control

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    Re: Move left (Access 2000)

    You can change the Left property of the control in code. In VBA, it is expressed in twips, where 1 inch = 1440 twips, or 1 cm = 567 twips (approximately). So to set the Left property of a control to 0.099 cm, you use

    Me.ControlName.Left = 56

    where ControlName is the name of the control.

    If the control name contains spaces (not recommended), put it between square brackets: [Control Name]
    If you want to use numbers with decimal places, you must use a decimal point in VBA.

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    Re: Move left (Access 2000)

    You could just set the Left and Top properties of the control you want to move to be equal to the values of the control you want to overlay, eliminating the need to convert. Like this: CtrlBus.Left = txtFirstControl.Left
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