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    Variable page numbering (2002/SP-3)

    I have a single document containing 2 sections. When I print the document, I will be inserting 6 pages (I mean physically adding 6 pieces of paper) after the end of the first section and before the start of the second.

    The page numbering of the second section, therefore, needs to be last-pg-of-section-1 + 7. If I don't yet know how long the first section will be, is there a way to accommodate my uncertainty in the page number field? Or do I have to wait until just before I print and then fix the second section manually?

    In short: section 1 is pages 1 through n, and section 2 begins at page n+7. How can Word handle that?

    I'm grateful for any help. Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Variable page numbering (2002/SP-3)

    You can find the number of pages in Section 1 by including a { SECTIONPAGES } field. You can then bookmark this field and use the value of the bookmark in a calculation in the next section.


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