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    Sloooow opening docs create in 2000 (2003)

    Hi there,

    We have recently moved from using Word 2000 to 2003, and we are having difficulty with a number of documents that were created with Word 2000. The documents are timing out when we try to open them and many fail to open at all and will only open within 2000.

    I have noticed that many of the documents had track changes, and after accepting the changes they were fine. Other documents had no track changes and after cleaning out all the metadata using a metadata stripper, they opened in the blink of an eye. The metadata that was being found were mostly field codes relating to other companies systems, that we can not get access to.

    Is there a security setting that is causing these problems with documents or is this a know issue when trying to work with documents that were previously created with 2000, and more there an easy way round it??


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    Re: Sloooow opening docs create in 2000 (2003)

    One common cause of slowness is Word searching for a template on a network drive that is no longer mapped or is over a WAN connection. Once you rule that out, I'm not sure why revisions would cause problems; all versions of Word support revisions. Perhaps some of those mystery field codes involve old applications or files that Word is trying to link to? Word does automatically update some links when you open a document, but I think you might be able to suppress that in the Options dialog somewhere. (I'm not sure; I try not use linking too much because once the Word document or the linked document enters our document management system, it may move around somewhat unpredictably.)

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