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    Permissions (Access 2000)

    I created an Access Database that was working fine until I added permissions. Now all of my access databases require me to enter the same password that I have for the new one. Even when I now open Access without opening a database and go to Tools > security > user and group accounts it asks me for a password. Is there some way to fix this?



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    Re: Permissions (Access 2000)

    You have probably applied security in your default workgroup information file (*.mdw). Do the following:

    Locate the workgroup administrator program wrkgadm.exe. Its default location for a US installation of Access 2000 is

    C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice1033WRKGADM.EXE

    For other countries/languages, replace 1033 with the language ID for your installation.
    Start this application.
    Write down the name and path of the current (secured) workgroup information file.
    Click Create... to create and join a new unsecured .mdw file.
    You should be able to open your other databases without supplying a username/password again.

    You may want to move the secured workgroup information file to another folder, and to rename it to for example Secured.mdw. This is not required, it's up to you.

    Next, create a shortcut to open the secured database with the secured .mdw file. The target of the shortcut should look like this:

    "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeMSAccess.exe" "F:AccessMyDatabase.mdb" /wrkgrp "F:AccessSecured.mdw"

    substituting the appropriate paths and file names. From now on, use the shortcut to open the secured database. If you open it directly, you shouldn't be able to do much, since the default Admin user should have only basic permissions in a secured database.

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