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    Turn confirm Action Queries on then off in macro (Access 97)

    Client runs a number of append queries in a macro. Wants macro to turn Action queries confirm (Tools, Options, Edit/Find, Action Queries) and then turn it on again after macro has run. Using SENDKEYS I can get to the appropriate dialogue box but I don't know how to select the correct TAB. ALT+E for Edit/Find does not work ... I can simply Click on the TAB and then ALT+T will turn it off (or on if it is already off) but I would like to automate the whole process without user intervention. Any help would certainl,y be appreciated.

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    Re: Turn confirm Action Queries on then off in macro (Access 97)

    In a macro, use the SetWarnings action, with argument No before running the append queries, and with argument Yes afterwards.
    In VBA code, use DoCmd.SetWarnings False to turn off the confirmation, and DoCmd.SetWarnings True to turn it on again.

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