When Excel file is saved, the modified date is not updating, but Word files are OK. This problem is on a laptop a person in the facility is using, and I am short on data, but I believe it is Win 95 (may be NT) Office is 97. She claims to have checked the system date.

The scenario: Took file home on floppy. Copied to C: on laptop. Opened, made changes, saved. Copied to A:, brought back to work. Opened Excel, File/Open, look for file modified on xx/xx/xxxx. Opened file, even though it had Fridays date. Changes were in place. Saved. Checked date. Date ok when saved on desktop.

Has anyone seen this behaviour? If it continues, I will get my hands on the laptop, do some testing and come back with more info.


If is is repeatable, I will do more